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Stone On Glass

Through almost five years of research and development, Euro Marble has successfully pioneered and developed the ‘stone-on-glass’ product and is currently one of the only Australian company with the capabilities to offer such a unique product to its customers.

The stone-on-glass technique is used to create a striking visual lighting effect, with translucent marble giving a luminous highlight to interior decoration. Stone-on-glass is perfect for feature walls, bar tops, skylights and as a contemporary alternative to conventional windows.

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Stone on Aluminium

Similar to the stone-on-glass product offering, stone-on-aluminium is an offering that consists of the stone being carefully attached to a sub-structure of aluminium honeycomb board. This introduces lightweight veneer panels of marble, granite and limestone.

The stone veneer can vary in thickness from as little as 3mm-10mm where weight is a consideration.

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Solid Stonework

Euro Marble can process solid stone to any product specification. We can create custom made fire places, waterfalls, fountains, basins, sinks as well as artistinal garden or ornamental stone features.

Dimensional Stone

Dimensional stone is any stone cut into a square or rectangular pattern in a repetitive fashion. Some stones are available in pre-cut modules however we have the capabilities of cutting to any size module upon request.

Stone Slabs

Our stone slabs start in thicknesses of 2cm and greater. Height and length of slabs vary from shipment to shipment, and change according to the material.Generally an average size slab is 2,400mm in length and 1,400mm in height, although some can be larger.

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Marble is ideal for adding a touch of elegance and style to your kitchen. As a benchtop surface, it is durable and stain resistant, making it a solution that will last a long time in even the most demanding kitchen environment.

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